Rohan Rajpal

I'm a Founder based in India. When I wake up, I like to start building SpurChat. I happen to be quite active on Twitter and sometimes try my hand at the Ukelele.



29 December

Redesigned my blog with the modern web stack

Redesigned the website to include all of my future blogs, projects maybe courses and much more!

6 December

Took SpurChat forward and incorporated a Pvt Ltd

My co-founder and I incorporated Spurtastic Technologies Pvt Ltd

18 November

Increased Developer Productivity at Headout by 1100%

Tackled a major technical debt problem at headout

26 July

Started working on SpurChat

CowinAlertsBot led my co-founder and I explore the world of conversational commerce

30 June

CowinAlertsBot has 150,000 users!

Started a bot which sent personalized alerts as soon as a vaccine slot was available on CoWin

15 June

Joined Headout as a Software Engineer

Here's a twitter thread of my experience

9 May

Did TAship for Valuation and Portfolio Management in IIITD

Became a TA for one of the most popular finance courses in my college

30 April

Completed I-INCUBATE by GDC at IIT Madras

Got selected and completed a 2 month long cohort on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship - Customer Discovery

2 February

Got selected for Build India Fellowship by Devfolio

Received a 5000 USD grant to build solutions for the public

16 January

Won InOut 7.0

Won the biggest hackathon in India and received 1000 USD in quadratic funding

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